• Can support a load more important than 3 tons
  • Different lenghts are available : 991m/m – 760m/m
  • Different heights are available : 95m/m- 85m/m- 45m/m
  • Usable with every kind of pallets and carrying trolleys
  • Rationalization of the lorries’ and containers’ load
  • Reuse in tracks and turnings between the différents factories and purchaser
  • Different systems allow to automate it at the end of the production
  • The weight and space gain brings important transportation economies and thus allows to use less diesel and avoids more pollution
  • Optilège’s weight : 450 grams or almost 1kg  whereas a pallet’s weight reach 13kg
  • Can be pilled up, 10 to 12 000 optilèges by lorry whereas we can put only 6000 to 8000 wood pallets in a lorry
  • Weight and volume saving
  • Save in exportation
  • Light to handle
  • Made in polypropylene 100% recyclable
  • Insensitive to mould and contamination
  • No need of ISPM15 treatment
  • Enhancement of work safety during handling
VALORPAL - Produits optiledge


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